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A score of Below 70% requires a retake. Thank you for doing your part in securing Gov Guam’s information and network.

#1. Which of the following is the biggest cybersecurity threat to your organization?

#2. What can happen if you bring your own device (such as your personal cellphone, tablet, external hard drive, USB, or laptop) and plug it into your government workstation?

#3. Of the following passwords, which is the most secure?

#4. Scenario: A desktop pop-up tells you a new update is available for a trusted application that you downloaded. Select all the statements that you believe are correct.

Select all that apply:

#5. True or false – a computer cannot be infected/attacked online if the user has an active virtual private network (VPN)?

#6. Which of the following is a common example of a "phishing" attack?

#7. Select the statement you believe to be most accurate.

#8. TRUE or FALSE: Software and application updates are not important and can just be ignored.

#9. If you see a pop-up message like this when you’re on the web, you should:

#10. You are traveling with a government issued laptop. How can you help protect data when you’re on the road?

#11. If you’ve installed all the security updates required by your system administrator, you still have to worry about viruses when you click links or open attachments in messages.

#12. If you get email or an IM from a manager within your organization asking for sensitive personal information (like a password or your Social Security number), it’s okay to supply it.

#13. When it comes to attachments and links in email, instant messaging, or text messages, which tips should you follow?: (Check three answers that apply.)

Select all that apply:

#14. You occasionally work from home. Which is the best way to ensure you are securely accessing your agency's network remotely?

#15. Scenerio: I'm moving my office to another room, but there is no ethernet connection in that room for me to plug my computer into. What should I do?


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