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IT Procurement Guide for the Government of Guam

This page is intended as a guide to simplify the procurement of computer hardware by GovGuam agencies. Following these guidelines will also minimize any delays due to missing or invalid specifications.

Identify the hardware specifications for the equipment you want to procure from the Hardware Standards page and include the listed specification in your requisition. The hardware standards page contains specifications for personal computers, laptops, servers, and printers only. If you are purchasing IT equipment not listed on this page you may skip this step. The specifications on this page are already pre-approved by the Office of Technology (OTECH). Please note that the specifications listed meet the minimum recommended standards. If applicable, please consult your software vendor for the exact hardware specifications needed for your project.

Include the following vendor requirements in the requisition. These requirements ensure that GovGuam only purchases from authorized dealers & resellers that are able to provide local support for purchased equipment. Requisitions that do not list these vendor requirements will be disapproved:

-Vendors must be manufacturer-authorized resellers of the fully assembled equipment/hardware.
-All equipment/hardware must have a 5 year on-site (3 years for Laptops, Mac Laptops or Mac Desktops and 1 year for Tablets) or on-island warranty.
-All fully assembled equipment/hardware must be manufacturer-branded.
-Fully assembled equipment/hardware manufacturers must have current ISO certification.
-Vendors must have in-house or be partnered with an on-island service center staffed by A+ certified or manufacturer-certified technicians.

Submit requisition on the GSA procurement system online (AS400) for OTECH clearance.

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