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OTECH Mission

The Office of Technology will:

•  provide highly reliable, secure and cost effective oversight, leadership, administration and direction for activities relating to information technology to all agencies across GovGuam

•  enable GovGuam agencies to better service the island citizens, businesses and other interested parties in Guam

•  enhance the GovGuam’s technical infrastructure in order to attract business, improve access to information and enhance educational opportunities for our children and future generations

OTECH Strategic Goals

The Office of Technology will:

•  Maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction

•  Make Government Services More Accessible

•  Implement Common Infrastructure and more modern Application solutions

•  Ensure GovGuam’s Information Assets are Secured and Privacy Protected

•  Lower Costs and Improve the Quality of GovGuam’s Technical Infrastructure

•  Strengthen our Technology Workforce


OTECH Team Member Core Values

The Office of Technology remains committed to supporting GovGuam line agencies, other government entities and our citizens in obtaining their business goals through technology. Specifically we:

•  will have a passion for our work and the success of others in the GovGuam community

•  we will work as a team and respect our co-workers and peers

•  will pursue change and continuous improvement with a sense of urgency

•  will earn the respect of our end users and citizens by consistently delivering as promised

•  will hold ourselves accountable for everything we do

•  will leverage modern technologies and proven management methods in defining, designing and delivering quality government to citizen solutions

•  will be responsive to our end user needs based on their view of business impact

Frank L.G. Lujan, Jr.

Chief Technology Officer

Beatrice Santos

Data Processing Manager

Nicole Nelson

Systems and Programming Administrator

Elaine Cruz

Computer Operations Supervisor

OTECH Legislation

P.L. No. 34-76 Established OTECH as an Agency of GovGuam Effective October 1, 2018

An act to repeal Article 2 of Chapter 20, Division 2, Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, and to add a new Article 11 to Chapter 1, Division 1, Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, relative to establishing the Office of Technology as an Agency of the Government of Guam.

P.L. No. 32-10 Established OTECH as a DOA Division on April 11, 2013

An act to repeal and re-enact Article 2 of Chapter 20, Division 2, Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, relative to establishing the Office of Technology.

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