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IT Standards Process for the Government of Guam

The Information Technology Standards Body (ITSB) is responsible for establishing IT standards for equipment, software, processes and protocols for use in the Government of Guam (GovGuam). The evolution of standards is also the responsibility of the ITSB. The ITSB is comprised of the following members

GovGuam IT Committees (GGITC) – comprised of members of GovGuam’s IT community.
GovGuam IT Executive Committee (GGITEC) – comprised of committee chairpersons and the CTO.
OTECH –either the CTO or a OTECH staff member designated by the CTO.
ITWG –IUT working group. Currently comprised of the directors of BBMR, Department of Revenue & Taxation, and the Department of Administration and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

The GGITC & OTECH meet every month to review and discuss information technology use in GovGuam. GGITC determines if new technologies warrant a standard be set for GovGuam or existing standards be modified. Once formalized, GCITC forwards an evaluation request to the CTO for final approval. The CTO then forwards the recommendations to the ITWG for endorsement. Once endorsed, the new standards are published and sent to all GovGuam agencies for implementation.

Communications between members of the ITSB is crucial to the success of the standards process. ITSB meeting minutes are emailed to the GovGuam IT community and posted on the OTECH website. The scope of the standards process hinges on the type or magnitude of a given technology. With an understanding that additional steps may be needed for some technology or not all steps may be necessary for other technology, the standards process is detailed below:

Identify the Problem or Need (GCITC)

Existing technology usage would benefit from standardization
A need for a solution using a new technology suggests a standard be set
Changing circumstances dictate an existing standard be revisited

Select & Analyze Standard (GCITC-OTECH)

Confirm the benefits derived from standardizing the technology
Decide what aspect of the technology to standardize
Evaluate technology requirements
Establish technology integrates with existing state technology
Assess financial impact across agencies
Recommend for or against standard

Review & Submit Standard for Approval (GGITEC)

Approve and endorse committee recommendations
Endorse to OTECH

Approve the Standard (OTECH)

Assess compliance to strategic direction (IT Plan)

Endorse the Standard (OTECH-ITWG)

Assess compliance to strategic direction (Enterprise Architecture)

Prepare for Implementation (OTECH)

Document installation instructions, evaluation criteria, integration issues, current and future benefits
Train appropriate personnel
Establish vehicle to train users of the technology
Establish help desk proficiency in technology
Establish contract vehicle

Release Standard (ITSB)

Notify Information Services Technology Group (ISTG)
Evaluate standardization at each of the next three ITSB meetings

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